I was actually hoping to get laid off. I find that events like that actually push you into directions or paths that you normally would not consider. I can count at least four times when I was pushed into changing my life: going to my second choice Uni (after being rejected by Northwestern), getting my first job, coming to Australia (by getting a visa), ending my first relationship, etc. My mother says we are the choices we make. She has always thaught me that you can change your life…no matter how hard it seems.

I think I get comfortable with jobs, relationships and life. Change is hard after all. It is much easier to get pushed into action than to push yourself. My work colleagues and I were making alternative plans for our unemployed summer break.

I am now kind of disappointed. It is not like I have children or a mortgage. I guess I should be thankful for having a job..but I wanted to get pushed into another direction.

So I have reivsed my departure plan. I will work until March 1 2007. Then move to Europe to start a language course and my Master’s degree in September. I figured I would spend a few more months of warm weather before heading into the cool spring of Europe. It looks like I will be in Amsterdam.

Fate? Serendipity? I am choosing change, pushing myself and making my own destiny and fate. Taking the road less travelled. Hopefully in a few months I will be living life more instead of just writing about it.